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Welcome to the gallery section of my website. This part is very much a work in progress. As time permits, I will continue to add new galleries of the images that I have taken in support of my various magazine features including regattas, restoration projects and beautiful scenery. The best method of reaching the latest selection of galleries is to place your cursor over the Galleries button on the top menu bar to activate the drop down menus. Alternatively, you can reach these galleries by clicking one of the thumbnails below. However, I do not always remember to update the album for this page whenever I add new galleries to the site. Therefore, the thumbnails on this page may not be as comprehensive as the drop down menus. Please note that the prominent “©rj-b” watermark is only there to prevent the unauthorised use of my images and will not be visible on any prints or high resolution digital images that are ordered via this website. If you want to see a larger version of any image simply click on the appropriate thumbnail. As you will appreciate these images are low resolution versions of the original images and are darker than the full size original images due to the compression process to prepare them for display on this site. I hope you will enjoy browsing through these galleries.