This booklet covers the chequered story of the final Norfolk Wherry to be built. The Pleasure Wherry Ardea was commissioned in 1926 by the philanthropist Howard Hollingsworth to create an opportunity for local boatbuilders to show off their skills. The result was one of the finest Norfolk Wherries to be built. After WWII she spent 50 years cruising the inland waterways of mainland Europe before returning to her native waters for restoration in 2005. She has been operated on behalf of her current owner by the (WYCCT) since 2015.

The Trust very kindly invited me to write this booklet to help raise awareness of Ardea’s rich heritage and raise much needed funds towards their on-going preservation. This 20 page booklet includes 27 colour images and 1 line drawing depicting Ardea’s internal layout. Copies are available for £5 including postage and packing from The Friends of Wherry Yacht Charter. Cheques for this booklet should be made payable to Wherry Yacht Charter Charitable Trust and sent to:

Friends of Wherry Yacht Charter

c/o Mark Walters

25 Abinger Way



Product Details

Title: Ardea – The Prodigal Pleasure Wherry

Edition: 1st

Publisher: Wherry Yacht Charter Charitable Trust

Format: Soft Back

Publication Date: 2018

ISBN 978-0-9935619-2-4

Number of Published Pages: 20

Number of Images: 28

RRP: £5

Remarks: In print and available direct from the Friends of Wherry Yacht Charter and on board the five wherries operated under the banner of the Wherry Yacht Charter Charitable Trust.

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